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La Toupie Voyageuse

The sensational spinning top course game! Launch your spinning top at full speed thanks to its propeller. Travel through 8 wonderful worlds to complete your missions: jump over obstacles, hit targets and validate your progress with sticker trophies. As much fun in single-player mode as in cooperative mode.
Author : Wlad Watine – Illustrators : Nikao

Key Points

  • As much fun alone as with others
  • Automatic spindle launcher
  • Missions accessible from the age of 6
  • Develops coordination and fine motor skills

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Ghost Adventure

A ghost mouse equips itself with a top to save the world from the nightmarish monster and its allies. It’s up to you to take this adventure full of twists and magic for a spin!
Author : Wlad Watine – Illustrators : Jules Dubost et Yann Valeani

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Key Points

  • A unique dexterity adventure experience
  • Adventure mode immerses you in an illustrated, 32-page story
  • These tops are designed to spin vigorously for more than a minute
  • Cooperative or Solo modes

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Abra Kazam

Welcome Wizards Apprentices.The day of your Charms Examination has come. You will have to cast and recognize spells of all kinds. Who will be the best student?Grab your wand and good luck to you… You may suffer the  most delirious spells.

Author : Antonin Boccara – Illustrator : Jules Dubost

Key points :

  • A never seen before game experience
  • The acclaimed wizards univers
  • A wooden wand of 24 cm
  • Simple rules for kids
  • Up to 8 players

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Top Lapins Cretins

Become Raving Rabbits for a boosted party!

Guaranteed ambiance: mimics, noises and delirious…

Availability: June 2017, Indicative Retail Price: € 16,90

The Raving Rabbits are unleashed. Pick a card and try to make it guess by imitating the represented Raving Rabbit by: a mimic, a mimic on a foot, a statue or a story. The other players will have to find your card among those displayed on the table. Watch out for the red cards! When it appears, you have to be the fastest to hit the deck by pushing the cry of the Raving Rabbit!

In three words: Delirious – Speed – Observation

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Top Fantasy

A game of mimic that calls for creativity.

Top Fantasy plunges you into a universe that is both delirious and poetic.
Availability: April 2017, Indicative Retail Price: € 16,90
Immerse yourself in a poetic world with crazy scenes of animals … Players pick a card and try to make it guess to others according to different challenges: a mime of hands, sounds, a statue or a story. Who will be the quickest to find your card among those displayed on the table?
In three words : Creativity – Speed – Observation

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Top Dance


Share the power of Dance!

Dance, guess, and make guess the most choreography cards possible during your favorite music!
Availability: May 2016, Indicative retail price: € 16.90
Make room around the table, remove chairs, install the cards, start the music … It’s time for a fun evening! At their turn, players draw a card and reproduce the indicated choreography on the rhythm of music. If the choreography is found, the one who guessed and the one who made guessed earn a card. At the end of music, the player that has accumulated the most cards wins the game.
In three words: Dance – Speed – Observation
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Top Face


The game that allows funny faces in family!

Top Face gather the family around a game where you have to make faces.
Availability: May 2016, indicative retail price: € 16.90
Prepare your funny bones! Mimic the face of your card so that other players find it among all those placed on the table. The fastest wins the point and you too, but if no one find it, you will not get points! Some faces are very similar, so it is not uncommon to go wrong in a hurry.
In three words: Funny faces – Speed – Observation

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Graff City


Street Art has its board game!

Graff City gather all enthusiasts around a unique game where you have to do graffiti!
Availability: October 2015, Indicative retail price: € 16.90
Win the respect of your rivals by creating the most original Graffs of the city. But beware! Only Graffs still visible at the end of the game will allow you to gain points. So you will have to cover the creations of your opponents while thinking about protecting your own frescoes… without getting noticed by the police! A word game where making mistakes can be a strategy to win.
In three words: Graffiti – Word games – Style
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