Graff City


Street Art has its board game!

Graff City gather all enthusiasts around a unique game where you have to do graffiti!
Availability: October 2015, Indicative retail price: € 16.90
Win the respect of your rivals by creating the most original Graffs of the city. But beware! Only Graffs still visible at the end of the game will allow you to gain points. So you will have to cover the creations of your opponents while thinking about protecting your own frescoes… without getting noticed by the police! A word game where making mistakes can be a strategy to win.
In three words: Graffiti – Word games – Style

Seven artists worked on it: The 122 letter cards and logo were inspired by the work of artists recognized in the world of Street Art: Cope2, Indie184, Nasty, Perle, RosyOne, Shadee K.
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Their character cards and bonus cards are illustrated by Régis Torres. [retour]