La Toupie Voyageuse

The sensational spinning top course game! Launch your spinning top at full speed thanks to its propeller. Travel through 8 wonderful worlds to complete your missions: jump over obstacles, hit targets and validate your progress with sticker trophies. As much fun in single-player mode as in cooperative mode.
Author : Wlad Watine – Illustrators : Nikao

Key Points

  • As much fun alone as with others
  • Automatic spindle launcher
  • Missions accessible from the age of 6
  • Develops coordination and fine motor skills

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How to Play ?

LA TOUPIE VOYAGEUSE is a solo or cooperative game for all ages from 6 upwards. Each mission represents a journey that players must complete with a top, moving it from one board to another. They represent 8 marvellous worlds in relief with several targets. At the start of each mission, the players work together to identify the targets to be reached and share out the boards indicated. The first player launches the spinning top with the help of the thruster and moves it by tilting the board to direct it towards the target. Once the target has been reached, the player guides the spinning top towards the exit and onto the board held by the next player. The relay between players continues until the mission is completed. The challenges become progressively more difficult (narrow passages, jumping over obstacles, etc.). Trophy stickers validate each successful mission!

Download the rule book


Content :

  • 8 worlds in relief
  • 1 top with launcher
  • 1 booklet of 40 missions
  • 1 sheet of trophy stickers
  • 1 training area

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