Top Dance

Share the power of Dance!


Dance, guess, and make guess the most choreography cards possible during your favorite music!
Availability: May 2016, Indicative retail price: € 16.90

Make room around the table, remove chairs, install the cards, start the music … It’s time for a fun evening! At their turn, players draw a card and reproduce the indicated choreography on the rhythm of music. If the choreography is found, the one who guessed and the one who made guessed earn a card. At the end of music, the player that has accumulated the most cards wins the game.

In three words: Dance – Speed – Observation

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Top Face

The game that allows funny faces in family!


Top Face gather the family around a game where you have to make faces.
Availability: May 2016, indicative retail price: € 16.90

Prepare your funny bones! Mimic the face of your card so that other players find it among all those placed on the table. The fastest wins the point and you too, but if no one find it, you will not get points! Some faces are very similar, so it is not uncommon to go wrong in a hurry.

In three words: Funny faces – Speed – Observation


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Graff City

Street Art has its board game!

picto-graff-cityGraff City gather all enthusiasts around a unique game where you have to do graffiti!
Availability: October 2015, Indicative retail price: € 16.90

Win the respect of your rivals by creating the most original Graffs of the city. But beware! Only Graffs still visible at the end of the game will allow you to gain points. So you will have to cover the creations of your opponents while thinking about protecting your own frescoes… without getting noticed by the police! A word game where making mistakes can be a strategy to win.

In three words: Graffiti – Word games – Style

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