Top Lapins Cretins

Become Raving Rabbits for a boosted party!

Guaranteed ambiance: mimics, noises and delirious…

Availability: June 2017, Indicative Retail Price: € 16,90

The Raving Rabbits are unleashed. Pick a card and try to make it guess by imitating the represented Raving Rabbit by: a mimic, a mimic on a foot, a statue or a story. The other players will have to find your card among those displayed on the table. Watch out for the red cards! When it appears, you have to be the fastest to hit the deck by pushing the cry of the Raving Rabbit!

In three words: Delirious – Speed – Observation

  • Simple rules with an option for the youngest
  • A new game concept with Raving Rabbits
  • A game that is played up to 8 players

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