La Toupie Voyageuse

La Toupie Voyageuse

The sensational spinning top game!

How to play ?

La Toupie Voyageuse is a cooperative game (which can also be played solo). It is played standing up, around a table. Players take it in turns to complete missions together. Each mission represents a different spinning top route that they will have to complete across several boards.

  • As much fun alone as with others
  • Automatic spindle launcher
  • Missions accessible from the age of 6
  • Develops coordination and fine motor skills

Author : Wlad Watine

Illustrators : Nikao

20 minutes

8 years old and more

1 to 4 players

The development team

After a start in videogames, and twelve years in the gourmet food industry (chewing gum, chocolates…), Wlad is consumed by his passion for boardgames. Blackrock Games (boardgame distributor) welcomed him to the team in 2016. In parallel, in his spare time, he is a designer of games that he publishes through his own publishing house, Buzzy Games.

Wlad Watine,
Designer, Publisher

Igor Polouchine,
Artistic Director

Nikao has been an illustrator for 20 years. After 10 years working in communications agencies, he went freelance in 2013 to devote himself fully to his passion, illustration. His work is aimed at a wide age range, and above all he enjoys having fun, experimenting, scratching paper, painting and using 3D to create special atmospheres that are both funny and poetic.

Nicolas Francescon
(pseudo Nikao), Illustrator

The Content

8 worlds in relief

Top with launcher

1 booklet of 40 missions

1 training area

The 8 Worlds

Buzzy Games


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