Top Face


The game that allows funny faces in family!

Top Face gather the family around a game where you have to make faces.
Availability: May 2016, indicative retail price: € 16.90
Prepare your funny bones! Mimic the face of your card so that other players find it among all those placed on the table. The fastest wins the point and you too, but if no one find it, you will not get points! Some faces are very similar, so it is not uncommon to go wrong in a hurry.
In three words: Funny faces – Speed – Observation

  • Elected best board game in 2015 by a jury of 360 children: “Les Etoiles du Jouet”. Price organized by the French Federation of Toy
  • 124 playing cards representing 62 faces of adults, children, animals…
  • 2 different game experiences: Competition, Performance.

 “Many cognitive, emotional and intellectual skills in the game behind a seemingly innocuous fun activity. To be used without moderation. A call for generational participation. “
S. Marinopoulos – Psychologist expert of childhood and family.