Top Dance


Share the power of Dance!

Dance, guess, and make guess the most choreography cards possible during your favorite music!
Availability: May 2016, Indicative retail price: € 16.90
Make room around the table, remove chairs, install the cards, start the music … It’s time for a fun evening! At their turn, players draw a card and reproduce the indicated choreography on the rhythm of music. If the choreography is found, the one who guessed and the one who made guessed earn a card. At the end of music, the player that has accumulated the most cards wins the game.
In three words: Dance – Speed – Observation

  • Best Board Game 2016 by a jury of 200 parents: Les Etoiles du Jouet. Prize organized by the French Toy Federation.
  • Access to a playlist of 72 Just Dance songs (YouTube, Spotify, Deezer),
  • 120 playing cards representing 60 officials Just Dance coaches,
  • 2 different game experiences: Competition & Collective.

Derived from the No1 Dance video game in the world with over 100 million players and over 2 billion choreography played, Top Dance! Just Dance offers a friendly and fun experience that brings all ages together. Built around strong values such as accessibility, fun and sharing, Just Dance games have the ambition to make everyone dancing. It is therefore natural that the Just Dance experience comes today from “virtual to real” in order to gather family and friends around the table showing their dancing skills with Top Dance! Just Dance.

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